i'd strung you up in twine and fine branches and
imagination fragments
your voice followed suit in feathers which i tied to
that crooked ring hanging up
how ridiculous to chain compression waves
when they are in fact like wings
in your throat

to pin you down in dreams was a fucking waste
like taking life from a gull
or serenading the soul of some captain
hoping he'll stay and listen
and peer through the torrents of rotating face
and open his lips to sound
like water

but your voice cast open webs
capable of trapping my lids so i could
drift off in something immense
something wider than wind and sharper than spit
i saw you in those depths as
tides realigned and i casted the net
i listened

third vow

may 2020

no kidding
i'm as big as this earth
big as the wind
in locomotion
look at the teal of the sea
it never ends
end has no end
and the seals play along its edge

if 6 was 9 that'd be fine
or if heaven were hell
it was an angel that fell after all 
to create their own paradise
gabrielle and lucifer are brothers, sisters
and blood runs deeper than sin

i close my lids, its all the same
this edge is as holy as a summit
a thin transition line
between the elements
i am a rock!
it's where i stand
nothing quite as sacred as land
its infinite disintegrations
like when the pine trees slide into
the sea
i will be ready
to be swallowed whole
macerated and shit out clean
like rain escaping heaven
only to turn back
tracing circles on a plane
shaped without time


september 2019

goodbye ocean!
my voluptuous lover! 
lay off the sodium, it makes you bloat
or do whatever you want
i’m only joshin
until i’m back soak the verse 
& when i do step back in 
you’ll know my head
follow me on this velvet gradient
the salmon’s dimming pupil about to dip
leaving us indigo
lines in threes
we descend this jacob’s ladder
submerged to salt water

when in the hills i fucked the land
now there’s the sea 
she’s back — life, my lover
praise the gods
hollow belly running off unalloyed joule 
under gray satin ripplings
enigmatic stitches liquid
salt water wine dry in my throat
eucharist mists
scrub over my veins
hemoglobin rust chains
the moon near the moon near
i match it face to face on the aqueous face
clasp limbs over the whitecap rim
sink to my toes
catch my breath

to feel her breathe 
to break surface like slick fish
she a mirage of hands combing over sand 
over over tracing land’s epidermis 
wearing down skin
i love you now just as then
even when i’m not here
even when i’m sleeping
even when i’m leaving
even when i’m dead

the villain

the villian
has legs that extend
walks first on the heels
wears a hat with thread
breathes deeply
beats a snare drum chest
blinks the eyes
traces the sidewalk web
listens to the blues
takes a pack of cigarettes
likes gas station florescence
talks to empty heads
stalks only the stars
ties the day into nets
is slipped the green to dream
rewrites alphabets
has no anatomy
is shadow: arms ears leg neck
reads corso
curls the lip's edge
evades the sky's pellets
faces no constellation
holds the apple won't eat it
finds the top of a hill
feels full & unfed
swears to god
witnesses the bereft
stares into lit houses
reaches into your ebb
wishes for the best
unafraid of the dead
unafraid of the dead
unafraid of the dead

the narrows

tacoma — gig harbor
the edge of july

such green 
teeth — the 
bridge gaping wide.
i walk
the divide 
sewn by 
cement and 
the towers.
i stalk
cathedral at sunrise. 
here, genie—
swim up from
the depths,
swim up with 
silver eyes 
and dreams 
where the roads intercept. 
below the black ashes run 
on and on — ashes run 
on tracks, run fast
on iron wings.

rail laid
out— your hand beckoning
some thing 
some thing 
every thing 
found dunked 
in that blue throat drunken—
i saw smoke 
simmering all around — faces                
and friends 
and unknown towns— tan 
      brick buildings— 
city brooding city thoughts—
a single

but nothing 
and no one —
only alone blue horizon.
the fiery 
ring sighs 
slow in the 
face of that 
yawning bridge with such 
green teeth
infinite blue,
above the infinite
soul, the eddying 
sound, spinning
where the roads intercept.
below the black ashes run
on and on — ashes run
on tracks, run fast
on iron wings.