don’t want to keep you here for too long so i’ll keep this somewhat short + sweet.

the one thing you should know that is absolutely certain: this decision of mine is not your fault. in any way at all.

i know this will cause guilt + grief for a few people i know, but i urge you to grieve in a healthy way + move on. i would never say goodbye if i didn’t truly believe friends + family would be all right + thrive without me around. you’ve got such beautiful lives to live!

truly appreciate all the ways friends + family have tried to help me. being with you brought me joy for brief moments, + i can only hope you feel the same way. i’m leaving without any bitterness or grudges towards any of you. you all have networks of loved ones + so many relationships to look forward to.

for years i’ve procrastinated this. it’s difficult to explain so briefly. what’s next — i can’t wait any longer for it. take care of each other. i give you all the love i have left.


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