the narrows

tacoma — gig harbor
the edge of july

such green 
teeth — the 
bridge gaping wide.
i walk
the divide 
sewn by 
cement and 
the towers.
i stalk
cathedral at sunrise. 
here, genie—
swim up from
the depths,
swim up with 
silver eyes 
and dreams 
where the roads intercept. 
below the black ashes run 
on and on — ashes run 
on tracks, run fast
on iron wings.

rail laid
out— your hand beckoning
some thing 
some thing 
every thing 
found dunked 
in that blue throat drunken—
i saw smoke 
simmering all around — faces                
and friends 
and unknown towns— tan 
      brick buildings— 
city brooding city thoughts—
a single

but nothing 
and no one —
only alone blue horizon.
the fiery 
ring sighs 
slow in the 
face of that 
yawning bridge with such 
green teeth
infinite blue,
above the infinite
soul, the eddying 
sound, spinning
where the roads intercept.
below the black ashes run
on and on — ashes run
on tracks, run fast
on iron wings.

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